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Helping Buildings Think offers clients experienced, passionate consulting services for the design and creation of smart workspaces, buildings and cities

offices - retail - banks - supermarkets - factories - hospitals care homes - hotels - schools - airports - train stations residential data centres - factories.

BMS - HVAC - lighting - CCTV and security - access control - fire - energy monitoring - lifts - location based services CAFM - BIM - asset management drawings O+M documentation - financial reporting workspace management - IT management - front reception - guest management.

HBT Smart Consult Pack

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Working with our clients and their stake holders to create a vision of the benefits an intelligent, connected, thinking building can provide.
Working with the aspirations of the client, HBT develops a mature, structured, enriched blueprint aligned with corporate strategy, timescales, market deliverable solutions and technology trends.
Support clients in bringing the blueprint to a commercial project, through the tendering process including supplier assessment and engagement.
Representing the client, working with engaged suppliers to complete the deliverable design based on technology and products involved.
Represent the client during the construction, implementation, testing and handover phase of the project.