Smart CentralManage your portfolio

Helping Buildings Think offers clients mature, intelligent technology solutions for the creation of smart workspaces, smart buildings and cities.

Secure cloud and local based Smart Sight solution for the management, monitoring and control of commercial buildings, facility services and enterprise software.

HBT Smart Sight Pack

Estate ManagerBENCHMARK your portfolios

We offer estate management companies granular information from plant room to fund level, providing visibility, performance foot printing, portfolio comparison and dynamic reporting.

Facility ManagerMANAGE your portfolios

By offering secure remote visibility across the portfolio of buildings, SmartSight can reduce abortive site visits and optimise the maintenance, repair and servicing tasks. Estimations have suggested a saving of up to two man days per month for medium sized buildings, allowing for re-allocation and expansion.

Energy ManagerOPTIMISE your portfolios

By offering connectivity to building service equipment and systems our bureau engineers can analyse, highlight and adjust conflicting or inaccurate operation. Energy consumption is reduced. Conservative case studies have shown savings of up to 30% within 6 months.

Task ManagerOptimise work practise

The Task Manager operates as a central management interface for site maintenance, alarm, energy, breakdown and scheduled events.
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Alarm SentinelReactive management

The Alarm Sentinel offers a global overview and management of alarms and abnormal events from site networks, equipment, devices and operations.
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Global CommanderCentralised time scheduling

The Global Commander allows authorised users to maintain, manage and modify schedules and exception calendars across the property portfolio.
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Energy ProfilerAnalyse energy usage

The Energy Profiler collates, monitors and analyses energy usage, trends and targeting from sites, services and equipment from across the property.
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Siteviewer 360Manage and modify sites

The Siteview 360 allows the authorised users to monitor, manage and modify site operational parameters through graphical representation.
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Cognitive EngineAutomate information use

The Cognitive Engine is the central core operation automating monitoring, information, proactive and reactive events across the portfolio.
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Document ClusterOrganise the library

The Document Cluster organises and connects library data, documents, reports, drawings, asset lists and manuals allowing access and intelligent linking across the Bureau.
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Asset CollectiveAsset management

The Asset Collective provides the authorised users pertinent summary information including asset management, BIM metrics and system status across the portfolio.
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Report SupervisorCollate and generate

The Report Supervisor allows automated and requested report generation embracing information and data related to clients, contracts and events across the portfolio.
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SmartConnect Connect your portfolio

Over 70 award winning integration solutions for legacy and open systems from BIM, asset management, BMS, energy, metering, access, fire, security, lighting, hotel management etc.
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PlatformOpen and Neutral

The SmartSight Central, its components, drivers and applications are build on an open and neutral platform, designed and developed by Helping Buildings Think.

HostingSecure and Strong

Helping Buildings Think offer hosting and management services for the Bureau, supporting secure geographic hosting for your data and operations.

4G NetworkSecure and Stable

Helping Buildings Think have partnered with a number of major M2M connectivity providers to offer secure mobile network infrastuctures for the connection to your property portfolio.

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